Transforming your business with the power of digital

Digital tools such as robotics and artificial intelligence are no longer concepts accessible by only those working at the forefront of engineering & technology; they are now within the grasp of all of us and offer tangible business benefits.


Technology has advanced so rapidly in recent years that it has moved beyond being simply a tool we use to help our efficiency, to becoming an intrinsic driver in all that we do in the commercial world.


Our goal is to offer strategy, consultancy and hands-on engineering support to map-out your business goals & processes into workflows that can be digitised; cutting redtape, repetition and double data entry.


Automating business workflows

Microsoft PowerAutomate (previously known as Microsoft Flow) is a powerful application featured in Office365 that enables you to ‘automate away’ the time-consuming, repetitive processes that often blight the working day. It essentially allows different applications to connect with each other through links called ‘flows.’ You and anyone in your team can construct ‘flows’ without technical expertise in a user-friendly process using pre-made connectors.


At this point you may be wondering how this can be of benefit to your business in particular. Let’s consider a few examples.


Checking emails can be a time-consuming part of your day. Power automate can step in to give you a push notification or text message when you receive emails from key people, thus allowing you to get on with other tasks as opposed to endlessly monitoring your inbox for important communications.


You can also use automation to save email attachments to OneDrive as soon as you receive them, making it easier to locate files that have been sent to you.

Teams Messages

Push notifications & alerts from external actions into Teams chats or channels to notify your people - keeping everyone on-page without the need for email.

Data Entry

Kill double-data entry by getting two separate systems to talk to one another. Pushing data from one to the other automatically & live.

The new generation of…

Digital Workplace.

Microsoft 365 refers to a range of bundles sold by Microsoft on a subscription basis which feature Office 365, the Windows 10 operating system and Enterprise Mobility + Security, (a platform designed to enable more mobile/flexible working).

Enterprise-grade document management

SharePoint online is an invaluable tool for project collaboration.  It is a cloud-based service hosted by Microsoft that can be accessed through an Office 365 plan or as a standalone service.  As it is a web-based resource your business won’t have to worry about resource management, architecture or physical servers, essentially removing much of the operational complexity that comes with running a locally hosted program.


So what exactly does it offer and how can it help your business?


Essentially the service allows you to create ‘sites’ effortlessly which act as an online gathering space for documents pertaining to a particular topic.  These ‘sites’ can then be accessed by whoever you choose, provided they have a Microsoft user account.

Communication Sites

More than just a document library! You can also create ‘communication sites’ which allow you to post news, updates and vital communications to your team.

Team Sites

Additionally, ‘team sites’ allow you to assemble a group of people for effective collaboration on a project and incorporate useful features such as a shared inbox, calendar, planner and Microsoft teams.


Features such as workflows, lists and forms allow you to manage your routine and you can incorporate applications to increase productivity and ease of use.

Work Anywhere

Work on the go with access available anywhere with an internet connection to SharePoint online, or offline by caching file libraries locally on your devices via a synchronised library in the OneDrive app.

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