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Cybercrime could happen to anyone.
It is important to understand current trends in security threats, be able to identify vulnerabilities, and protect your data against these threats.

Take your first step to becoming Cyber Secure

To protect your business from targeted attacks is very difficult, however by reducing the attack profile, and minimising the risks with the correct approaches to managing the network and the organisations people it is possible to mitigate the risks.

UK Government has introduced a scheme for this, and encourages all businesses to meet the standards of control to reduce the risk. This scheme is the Cyber Essentials scheme, and is overseen by a number of independent security audit bodies. Urban Network has Cyber Essentials status ourselves, and have further trained as assessors with IASME (one of the 4 independent bodies) to further strengthen our credentials.

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What are the risks?

The reality is that EVERY business and individual are at risk from Cyber Crime, and even a small business can be attacked or targeted, often because it is easier to attack a network where there is less technology in place to prevent attacks, or because there are fewer checks and balances over controlling the money of those organisations.


Attempting to gain access to data by assuming the identity of known entities, usually by e-mail but increasingly by other methods (phone or text). Often used in conjunction with Social Engineering

Social Engineering

Enticing individuals to give information freely by clicking links, or by masquerading as suppliers or clients asking for information. Some even offer the lure of payment in order to gain access to more useful data. Some cases purport to be the staff of the organisation who require payments to be made, but seem genuine due to research done by the attackers via social media for example.


These are programs that are designed to infiltrate systems via electronic means (e-mail or websites with infected code) and then either steal data, or allow further access to malicious parties. In some cases the purpose is to lock or encrypt files and force ransoms to be paid

Arm your business with the right solutions

The way that any business can mitigate these risks is to keep a continued eye on the security that is deployed in its IT systems.

Urban Network can perform tests on your systems to ensure that systems are secure, and your business is conforming to best practice, including penetration testing and intrusion testing, however the very basic elements of patching end points with vendor security patching, and ensuring antivirus is up to date is the often overlooked start point.

Our Sentinel monitoring software can cover these elements of the network, and coupled with one of our recommended Enterprise Firewalls, the basics are covered.

To add layers of additional security, Urban Network can liaise with you to ensure that there are comprehensive policies in place for password control, access control and network housekeeping and importantly remote access and BYOD policies. We can look at the current implementations of any other facet of your network, and give advice on industry best practices to ensure your business is sufficiently covering your risk.

Case Study

Read our latest Security Case Study on how we helped our client, Jackson-Stops & Staff to implement integrated security solution, powered by our partner Sophos, a Magic Quadrant Leader at Gartner for Unified Threat Management. The solution protects customer’s network using multi-layered proven protection technologies including Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), IPS, VPN, email and web filtering.

“Now the project is complete, we are confident that we have better levels of security and greater visibility of the network.” – Group Operations Manager, Jackson Stops & Staff