Understanding the cybersecurity landscape

CyberSecurity Blog Series Understanding The CyberSecurity Landscape

Understanding the cybersecurity landscape

The reality is that EVERY business and individual are at risk from cybercrime and awareness is perhaps the most important defence against these threats.

In this blog, the first installment of our CyberSecurity Blog series, we will be giving you an overview of current cybers threat landscape and showing you some of the techniques that are being used by cybercriminals intent on taking advantage of the human element of the IT chain.

There is some excellent technology being deployed in businesses and homes now, and so many cybercriminals are targeting the perceived weakest link, us. We will try to illuminate you as to how you can spot an attempt to manipulate you into presenting the criminal with the opportunities they require to bypass the technology that we use to keep IT safe.


50% of the worst breaches were caused by inadvertent human error


– 2015 Information Security Breaches Survey by HM Government –

So why target humans? Simply put, a human being can override the security by either passing information freely, or by running some software or code from the ‘safe’ side of the IT network. In essence, the cybercriminal is asking you to open the door and let them in. The best defence is to be vigilant of these attempts, just as you would do at home or even in the office if a stranger attempts to gain entry.

We will describe to you how the attempts are made, and how you should deal with them. Above all the real message is to stay safe, and we hope this blog series will help you to do just that.

In the next blog, we will cover one of the most used technique by cybercriminal: Social Engineering.

Being aware of the types of cyber scams is the best way to prevent being a victim. Test your knowledge in our 10-question Quiz “Are you the weakest link?” to see your ability to stay safe in today’s tech-driven world.