Our approach

Ultimately your IT systems exist to deliver a capability to your staff. It’s the staff, and what they can do using the systems that actually create value for your business. Our goal is to be the single point of contact for your people, engage with them and communicate regularly to help them understand and exploit the IT capabilities you give them.


At Urban Network, we leverage technology to your advantage, aligning your business goals with the most suitable IT solutions to achieve them. Whatever your challenge, you can move forward with confidence.


Our service values

Do the right thing

Even when no one is looking.

One team

Single voice, same result.

Be ambitious

Always learning, always improving.

Wow everyone

Create amazing experiences, exceed expectations.

Never assume

Test, confirm & demonstrate.

Celebrate success

Always celebrate the wins, learn from everything else.

A word from our clients

We highly value Customer Satisfaction, or CSAT, and have a structure & methodology for how we collect, review and implement feedback.


What can you expect?

We begin our journey with you by undertaking a very comprehensive process that allows us to understand your business in-depth, how you operate day-to-day, what systems your staff use and what they want from them. This process will identify areas that may need attention and be instrumental in raising the operational maturity of any business that is actively involved. 


End-user support is at the core of our business and our service desk is at the front line in delivering a great service to our clients. You will be connected directly to an engineer that will assist you first time whenever possible, we have never employed call handlers to log calls. We measure everything we do and are open in our reporting back to you via weekly snapshot, monthly reports and live dashboards to give you the data when you need it. 


You will be assigned a technical lead and an account manager to ensure the lines of communication are always open. Working together we plan an initial 36-month strategic roadmap that aligns technology to support you in achieving your business goals. As a team, we constantly review this via regular account reviews and execute any tasks with complete clarity on the objectives.



Read all about…

Mayday Assistance

Mayday was growing rapidly, nearly double its size and turnover since last year. It soon realised that the existing IT system and infrastructure were not sufficient to keep pace with its growth. They were starting to search for a flexible IT partner who would react quickly and have the capacity to adapt and scale its service to support Mayday’s business operations. They were recommended to Urban Network, the award-winning Outsourced IT Solution Provider.

Education is paramount. Enforcement follows.

Urban Network has established a reputation for being one of the leading providers of IT Support for London based businesses. We help our clients by improving IT security and resilience of their systems through technology, but we also help them through education. The importance for staff to understand how to be safe online and how to identify potential risks is the essence of cybersecurity, That is why we include Cyber Security Awareness training within our managed services solutions.

Awareness Training Demo

If you would like to know more about how we can help your team become more effective at spotting a possible threat and being instrumental in stopping it becoming a full-blown attack on your business then why not book a demo with us today?

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Why Urban?

  • Stabilise IT expenditure with fixed monthly fees 
  • Access to certified engineers within the service desk 
  • 24/7 server support as standard 
  • Continuous & proactive monitoring of all IT systems 
  • Partner with an award-winning IT provider, committed to your success. 
  • Discounted project & consultancy rates 
  • Enterprise security delivered at an affordable fee 
  • Engaged and frequent account management

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