Your infrastructure and services are entirely in the cloud

The Microsoft Cloud provides a wealth of services to empower your end users, but behind it all is a powerful platform that provides compute & storage resources to service any IT need.


Urban are best positioned as your strategic, consultative and engineering partner to guide you through the web of services & options to map-out the best cloud infrastructure for your business goals.


Tailored services in the cloud

In the past, when your business’ computing requirement increased you’d find yourself purchasing more physical hardware and perhaps even employing additional staff to manage that hardware.  The advent of ‘Cloud Computing’ means that there is now an alternative, as you can pay companies to physically host and manage your company’s IT infrastructure for a fee.


‘The Cloud’ refers to a huge global network of computing infrastructure owned and managed by companies such as Microsoft and Amazon. This computing resource is made available as a product, the cost of which will depend on your requirements. This allows greater flexibility as you pay for the computing power you need rather than having to incur the very fixed costs of acquiring physical infrastructure. It also reduces risks associated with running your own infrastructure such as component failure and physical data loss.


So where does Microsoft Azure come in?


Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service featuring hundreds of separate services available for use, all of which are hosted by data centres run by Microsoft.


The services available include SaaS (Software-as-a-Dervice), PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service). It is hard to succinctly define what Azure does because the range is so broad, but in essence it is an extremely powerful resource to help your business meet many of the computing challenges it may face. It gives you the ability to develop, manage and use applications on a vast global network using your favourite tools and frameworks.


What are the benefits & advantages?


Easy, efficient & flexible access to computing power, within budget.

Artificial Intelligence

Azure allows you to harness the transformative power of AI.


Pay only for the resources and services that you need, when you need them.


At the heart, with over a billion dollars invested & 3500 people dedicated, is security.

Why you should use…

Urban Network

Our core business is providing every element of IT Support your business need including Unlimited Remote IT Support, 24×7 proactive monitoring and alerting with a clear and defined IT strategy for a fixed monthly fee.

Your cloud desktop

Windows Virtual desktop (WVD) is service offered by Microsoft through Azure, that allows you to host the Windows desktop experience as well as apps, in the Cloud. Essentially it is a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) powered by Azure. While a cloud hosted desktop may initially seem a bit unusual, it really is just the next logical step in the digital transformation. If you host your applications and data on the cloud, why not host desktops there too?


A traditional desktop is limited by the constraints of your local physical hardware and access to networked software, data & services; whereas a Windows Virtual Desktop offers the familiarity of your very same desktop, app and data access environment on any device, from anywhere with an internet connection.


There are many benefits of WVDs, some of these include:


Reduce your capital expenditure of investing in hardware & other complex network access services.


A lean IT operation; add and remove services as you need them.


Enjoy peace of mind of consistency with your IT security & compliance policies applied globally.

Business Continuity

Maintain continuity of your operations by providing tools already familiar to your users.

Your office in the cloud

Office 365 brings a new order to the thirty year old application suite. It features the Office applications you’ll probably be quite familiar with, but it is offered on a subscription basis rather than a as a one-off purchase and included along with it are a world of additional productivity & collaboration tools.


Office 365 has the added benefit of being cloud-based; this allows users to access it from any compatible device, take advantage of cloud-storage on OneDrive and benefit from range of built-in collaboration tools such as SharePoint Online, Teams and Outlook Online.


Office 365 really is a vital resource when it comes to unlocking the productivity-potential in your workforce. Here are just some of the reasons we love it:


The interface & tools are designed for ease of use - remaining familiar to existing tools your team will have used.

For Teams

All of the services are designed for teams to collaborate and be more productive than ever.

Cost Efficient

The subscription based model allows flexibility to grow & shrink as your organisation changes.

Secure & Compliant

Enterprise-grade security & compliance features keep your data safe and in your hands.

Knowledge & Insights