Delivering a complete IT solution for your business.

We provide a trusted, competitive and impartial service to our wide range of customers throughout Greater London and beyond.


With a comprehensive portfolio of managed cloud and on-premise services, and a team of talented IT professionals, Urban Network will deliver a complete IT solution to your business.

Modern Office

Overcome business challenges.

Transforming digitally.

Helping your business to embrace technology that erodes red-tape & manual process ensuring you flourish in the digital age.

Managing change.

Delivering solutions that are agile, adaptable and flexible to ongoing change in your business - whether planned or unplanned.


Ensuring regulatory compliance to an evolving set of demands placed on your business across in all industry sectors.

Empowering users.

Fuel your team with cutting-edge tools that allow them to work more efficiently and flexible than ever before.

Our case studies.

Security Solution.

How Urban Network’s integrated security solution, powered by Sophos UTM helped estate agents client achieve better security.

Office 365 Migration.

How a leading construction firm saved times in managing their IT systems & improved its workers’ mobility with Office 365 Email migration.

Managed IT Services.

How we helped a leading travel insurance firm overcome their IT Outsourcing challenges & accelerate business growth with a fully Managed IT Support Service.

Disaster Recovery.

Read case study on how a global financial institution got back on its feet after getting hit with a major server failure, in fewer than 2 hours.



Achieve slick document management with…

SharePoint & 365

The advancements in technology over the years has dramatically changed.

Most importantly, improved – the way we go about our daily activities in the workplace. Moving with the times is essential when it comes to technology; the landscape is ever-evolving and offering new, more efficient ways of completing the tasks that your organisation carries out daily.


You should be using a system such as SharePoint in 365 to ensure your documents are used and shared as safely and productively as possible. Let’s explore this in more detail.

How we can help.

IT Support

Your comprehensive outsourced IT Department - providing Unlimited Remote IT Support, 24x7 Proactive Monitoring and alerting with a clear & defined IT strategy for a fixed monthly fee.

Cyber Security

Providing security by design for all of our clients - Cyber Security is at the forefront of everything we do. Backed by global cyber threat intelligence, we manage your security & compliance 24/7/365.


The Cloud refers to a wide variety of services - we distill the options into solutions that best fit each case. Our portfolio includes, Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud solutions.

Business Continuity

It isn't a matter of if your business will experience downtime, but when - our enterprise-grade backup, disaster recovery & continuity solutions keep you operational when all else fails.

Knowledge & Insights.

Partnered with global IT leaders.