Business process automation and how it improves workflow in a customer service department

Business process automation and how it improves workflow in a customer service department.

As we have explained previously, business is predominantly digitised wherever possible for most in the modern world. Technology has grown from something that makes your job slightly easier to a staple of nearly every successful business in the country. This conversion to a technological world could inadvertently be costing precious time out of your workday.

Business process automation has made manual processes at work a thing of the past through technological means. It allows your staff to fill their limited work hours with productive tasks as opposed to monotonous ones. It has changed the world of work dramatically by creating more efficient workflows for tasks that would have otherwise been done manually – wasting less time and resources.

Making a task as structured as possible is human nature – this is no different from our work processes. Almost everything we do at work has a list of steps which must be followed to be certain tasks are finished to the best of our ability. Business process automation works with this built into its functionality – from a trigger action, either pre-scheduled or from a prior human action. That long list of monotonous tasks is now replaced with pre-scripted events, with business process automation’ sole purpose is doing them for you.

Most successful businesses worldwide have a certain level of business process automation taking the reins of those time-consuming tasks.

Let us explore a particular role that business process automation influences.


Business process automation within a customer service role

  1. If you run a chatbot on your website
  • Trigger – A customer’s comment having a particular buzz word in it.
  • Action – An automatic redirection to a different page that can assist them.

For example, if the customer has a problem with the arrival of his/ her package, it is possible to make the trigger word ‘late’ or perhaps ‘time’. The client’s message reads “My package is late” – the automation can reply with a direct link to your shipping page for example – meaning the client is directed straight to the place they will get answers without wasting staff time.

  1. Reduced costs

Achieving a reduced level of cost results in a greater level of efficiency,

  • Trigger – Use automation
  • Action – Save money

A broad one, but employees waste an average of 22 hours per week on mundane tasks – wages that you are paying that should be benefitting the business not performing tasks that can be done instantaneously through interactive means.

  1. Better customer experience
  • Trigger – You click the sector the company is in and the first letter of the company name into the search bar.
  • Action – You are re-directed to the company page which has a history of calls, contact details, and the status of the relationship you have with them, all after one click.

Some customer service agents spend vast periods of their workday searching for customer information through several different systems. Business process automation can handle this task by making the process much faster; in turn helping the agent in reducing the time between calls, spending more time talking to the customer, and, in the process, offering better customer service.

There are many more ways that business process automation can improve workflow within a customer service role take some time to explore them to be sure you get the most from automation within your workplace.


Do you want to implement Business process automation in your workplace?

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