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You might have been hacked, but would you know?

We shouldn’t have to sit back and suffer… with the dangerous rate of attacks taking place, why should we not learn lessons from what’s happened and use those lessons to better advance our defences for next time?

Data backup…your last line of defence in the war against hackers

In the rise of threats to our valuable & private data, cyber-criminals are forever creating new ways to disrupt and defraud our professional and personal lives. One of the many cyber threats that has seen a sharp increase in activity within recent years is Ransomware.

[Case Study] Office Relocation Project for HallidayMarx

After recently celebrating their 9th year in business, HallidayMarx enjoyed some exciting news that their head office was moving to Lime Street in London. As a long-term valued client to Urban Network, we were proudly on-hand to deliver a seamless transition across...

Who else knows your username & password?

Your details might be all over the Dark Web… what is it? Around 3% of the internet cordoned off typically for illegal activity. Identified as the ‘Dark Web’, untraceable and difficult to access, it is therefore a prime location for the shared activities between criminals of all kinds.

Security, without the burden

Thieves are stealing from you… but, no longer are they climbing out of the bedroom window with your television. Today’s cyber criminals want to get access to your valuable & sensitive data, and with some slightly more sophisticated tools at their disposal…

Windows 7 End of Life

On January 14th 2020 Microsoft will end extended support for the Windows 7 Operating System. This is known in tech terms as end-of-life for the software. So, what does this mean and how do you prepare for Windows 7 End of Life?

7 Key Principles of Business Continuity for Business

Disaster recovery and business continuity planning should be considered a critical aspect of running a business. These 7 key principles of Business Continuity will help you get started in the right direction when crafting an effective business continuity...

[Download] Backup and Data Protection for Business eBook

Why backup and data protection is critical for a business? It is important to understand why backup is critical for a business. Today’s businesses are creating more data than ever and you need a robust backup and data protection for your business sensitive data....

Cyber Essentials 101 – IT Security Checklist [PDF Download]

Why do you need an IT Security Checklist? According to the Government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017: 46% of all UK businesses identified a cyber security breach or attack in the last 12 months 6 in 10 of those who identified breaches also say the breach...

How To Set Up Email Redirect in Outlook and Outlook Web App OWA

This blog outlines how to set up email redirect in Outlook and Outlook Web App (OWA) You can use Outlook Inbox Rules to redirect any messages you received that match conditions specified in the Rule to another email account. There are two methods to set up an Email...