Achieve slick document management with SharePoint

As we covered in our previous blog, the advancements in technology in the modern age have been enormous – they have revolutionised the way we work and changed the way we go about our daily activities. We established that moving with the times and getting away from traditional file servers is the only way to ensure that you are getting the most from the ever-evolving technological landscape – if utilised to its full potential, it will improve the way your team work and in turn boost productivity, efficiency, and profit in your organisation.

We also briefly explored SharePoint as the alternative to your traditional file servers. Let’s take a more in-depth look now.



SharePoint – in the simplest of terms – is a customisable Cloud-based content collaboration and management platform that has the power to revolutionise your work practices and allow your team to work together, remotely, and smarter.

What are the benefits of SharePoint?

SharePoint allows for a level of collaboration which is unrivalled by anything else on the market. Its ‘Co-authoring’ feature in Microsoft Teams allows for multiple users to edit a document at the same time – in the process completely irradicating the need for hundreds of versions of the same document to work their way around the company.

Easy use for admin

One of the key features of SharePoint is how easy it is to manage. Administrators can easily access all of its operational features, including security settings, and update privileges, all in a single place.

Existing app integration

Microsoft SharePoint allows for seamless integration with the rest of your business applications. It is designed to work effectively with your entire Microsoft Office Suite of tools – including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Teams – and a variety of other back-office systems.

Improved security

SharePoint comes equipped with features that reduce the risk of outages and unauthorised access. Your data integrity and safety remains constantly at the peak of its control – whilst simultaneously optimising information access and shareability.

You are in control of your security. You can configure different settings for controlling shareability, storage, and auditing to ensure you remain compliant to whatever regulatory body regulations your organisation needs to follow.

The streamlining of business processes

SharePoint allows you to collect data from your entire business and organise it all in one place. Information from suppliers, interactions with partners, communication with customers, and a variety of other metrics are stored in SharePoint’s form-driven solutions. Your employees, by having access to business intelligence portals in SharePoint, will help them make better decisions based on revised consumer statistics and even predict future fluctuations in supply and demand.

Task management

SharePoint has a feature that allows you to guarantee that your employees are capable of producing a good standard of work every time. Once a user is finished with a piece of work they can ‘send for review’ to another user (perhaps a senior member of staff) to ensure that the quality is as high as possible. The senior can then sign off the document as complete, which will notify other relevant users of the change. This not only allows for better quality work but also means that your team aren’t constantly emailing or messaging each other – they can simply rely on SharePoint to carry out automated processes and hence ensure quality.


Slick document management with SharePoint and 365

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