Ways your remote working can be more effective through collaboration

Ways your remote working can be more effective through collaboration

Collaboration is one of the most important aspects of remote working, without it, some tasks would simply be unachievable. When individuals work together openly, processes and goals become more aligned, leading the group toward their common goal and helping them to achieve a high standard of work.

Arguably when working remotely, collaboration has never been so important to businesses worldwide since the outbreak of COVID-19. With many businesses turning to home working tools like ‘Microsoft Teams’, cooperation is now at the forefront of concerns to increase productivity. Keeping businesses that usually work physically very close to other sectors of their team closely linked via other means. Let’s explore these options in Teams.


Collaboration with Teams

Teamwork and Microsoft Teams come hand in hand. Effortless file sharing through SharePoint and OneDrive, as well as impressive video conferencing capabilities make for a platform that does it all in one place.


Instant messaging – chat and posts

In Teams, there are two ways to conduct a discussion. Firstly, by using the ‘chat’ feature on the left-hand side of the screen. The other by posting communication under the ‘posts’ tab of a specific channel.

The chat feature is essentially designed for more informal chats, channels, on the other hand, is for more project-led discussions.


Live document co-authoring

A great feature is ‘live co-authoring’. As long as a file is stored in the cloud and edit permissions are enabled, multiple people can edit files in real-time. This is a great feature keeping your files stored safely in the cloud, meaning it’s avoiding files being lost through the email wormhole and speeds up the editing process. This also avoids the confusion of trying to find the latest version of a document when having more than one copy because of multiple different edits.

Find your desired file in SharePoint or Onedrive and decide where you want to open it from the ‘show actions’ menu indicated by three dots ‘…’

When other members of your team are working on a document you have open, you’ll be notified by their user icons in the top right and the coloured cursors on the document highlighting the area they’re working on.

The way that Teams is designed and structured shows that the main purpose of the app is collaboration.


In conclusion

Microsoft Teams offers a user-friendly interface; it has a huge range of useful features designed to make collaboration easier. Have a look yourself at some of the productivity-boosting tools that could help your remote team be more effective.


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