Are you happy with your IT Provider?

Are they helping your business to grow?


IT today forms a much more integral part of modern business operations – going far beyond our computers and familiar office applications. Technology can breathe a world of change into your organisation, often in areas you’d least expect.


Our team of expert consultants know technology, but importantly they understand business process too. This enables our clients to truly leverage technology in tackling most business challenges they face.


Solving your IT Challenges


Are you ready for the next threat?


Is your IT providing you with stability & mobility?


Is your IT aligned to your business goals?


Are your people empowered by your IT?



Are your defences strong enough to resist tomorrow’s cyber threats?


We take a multi-layer approach to Cyber Security, ensuring that each aspect of your technology has its vulnerability touch points fully considered.


Our 24x7x365 Security Operations Centre provides active threat detection and remediation action, ensuring that our clients systems are protected around the clock.


Take your first step to becoming cyber secure with the Government-backed Cyber Essentials certification. This Scheme sets out a good baseline of cybersecurity suitable for all organisations in all sectors with five key controls that, when implemented correctly, can prevent around 80% of cyber attacks. Urban Network are Cyber Essentials accredited and are a GOLD certified IASME assessor and are well placed to guide you through the process.

Secure your business today.


Is your current provider doing a good job?
Are they putting your business at risk?
Do they provide you with a strategy for your technology?


One of the hardest decisions any business needs to make is who their partners will be. This is especially true when it comes to technology partnerships, as they can become integral to everything you do as a company. However, one of the problems a lot of small and mid-sized businesses face when asking these questions is they don’t have IT professionals on staff, so may not be able to fully parse or evaluate the answers they are given.


We commence all new relationships by conducting an in-depth GAP Analysis to really understand where business operations & technology combine and identify opportunities for improvement. This analysis feeds into our Technology Enablement Roadmap, which provides your business with clear steps and guidance on the road to achieving greater stability, mobility, security and efficiency through the right application of technology.


Our consultants are on-hand to work with you every step of the way; ensuring a seamless strategy-lead approach.

Advance your business.



Get the most from your…

Remote Working

Working from home or remote working poses a particular set of challenges, many of which are different from the office setting challenges we face every day. In this series of blogs, we will be exploring some of these problems and hopefully, advise on how to solve some of these issues.


Technology is such an intrinsic part of our business operations in this digital age – influencing a very large part of the reputation and profit of most companies. Never before has it been so critical to ensure you achieve the best operational fit, efficiency, security & resiliency from the technology services & tools you use.


We are strong advocates against a ‘one size fits all’ approach to the application of technology. Our consultants work to understand your business operations, identify any relevant industry regulatory obligations and engage with your people to learn how they work. This methodology stands our clients apart from other businesses in having tailored technology that empowers their teams, drives profit and eliminates risk.

Eliminate your risks.


Technology is great, but if it doesn’t empower your people, then is it as much of a hindrance as a help?


To ensure that your team best adopt their IT tools, we take a people-first approach to technology; ensuring that wherever possible, systems are adapted  & customised to best suit your workflows and practices.


We also strongly believe in education. Unwittingly, your people can be your weakest link where challenges such as security & efficiency are concerned; and this is only through a lack of awareness and education.


Our consultants provide Cyber Security Awareness Training to best arm your team with the knowledge & skills to tackle tomorrow’s threats. Beyond being here for when things aren’t working, we also offer answers to the “how do I?”  questions with our application training – centred on the suite of Microsoft Office and Office 365 apps & services.

People-focused technology.

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