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Urban has been the IT partner of Rialto for over 15 years and has supported the journey and growth of their business at every level. The latest project delivered was to move the business fully int the Microsoft cloud and retire their on-prem server. The client was already using O365 for email but are now connected to Azure Active Directory for management, SharePoint and OneDrive for files, Teams for collaboration and use all the security features of Microsoft 365.


Business Challenge

Having been a long term client already, Urban was happy to lead this cloud transformation. Urban was best positioned as the strategic, consultative and engineering partner to guide Rialto through the web of services & options to map-out the best cloud infrastructure for their business goals.

The transformation was required to be an efficient and smooth process, whilst the infrastructure and services are entirely moved into the cloud.

Your office in the cloud – Office 365 brings a new order to the thirty-year-old application suite. It features the Office applications you’ll probably be quite familiar with, but it is offered on a subscription basis rather than an as a one-off purchase and included along with it are a world of additional productivity & collaboration tools.

  • Online Collaboration – Due to the ever-evolving modern workplace, the tools and software available can maximise and boost the productivity and efficiency in any business, working together has never been so easy.
  • Internal & external Communication – To maintain efficiency, communication is a vital aspect of any business. Whether it’s internal or external, you need to be able to communicate with anyone.
  • Data Security – Keeping your data safe is the top priority, without the latest tools and equipment, you’ll struggle to stay compliant to the latest regulations.


The customer at a Glance

Rialto has earned a reputation for developing game-changing leadership development, change management and business transformation solutions. Integrating unique frameworks and AI Consulting methods to accelerate the evolution of new business models and leadership mindsets which secure more endorsed, quicker, viable business outcomes for the new digital world.

Industry – Career Coaching Firm

Size – 50+ users

Locations – London, United Kingdom


The Solutions

Urban Network proposed a full Cloud Transformation for Rialto. Connecting the business to Azure Active Directory for management, this allows for protection and the ability to govern access. Safeguard user credentials by enforcing strong authentication and conditional access policies. OneDrive is all about you and your personal files. Anything you have on your local device is now replicated to the cloud. SharePoint is all about the team and department data. Files you collaborate on with other people. Microsoft Teams for collaboration, with endless features for all your communicational needs. Lastly, all the security features that Microsoft 365 has to offer.

To ensure the best experience possible, Urban Network provided Rialto with a detailed checklist and agreed time frame that covered all essential actions until the go-live date. Regular meetings were scheduled with onboarding engineers, account managers and Rialto’s leadership team.


Business Results

The successful transformation is a key result for Rialto Consultancy. They are now in the cloud with the retirement of the on-premise server.

Rialto is now able to rely on:

  • Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance
  • Microsoft Teams for all their communication and collaboration requirements
  • SharePoint & OneDrive for file sharing and file collaboration
  • Azure Active Directory for all management and security purposes


With the delivery of the cloud transformation, to the delivery of all cloud services, Urban Network is now able to continue working with Rialto to provide ongoing support to the entire organisation, with a prompt speed of service, extensive security services and a trusting level of reliability.

“They care about customers. Able to talk in non-technical language. Comfortable to call and can relate to them.”


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