Urban Workshops: Latest Additions to Urban Network Training Programme

Urban WorkShops

Urban Workshops: Latest Additions to Urban Network Training Programme

The world of Information Technology is fast-paced and ever-evolving, so at Urban Network we are constantly training our teams to maintain and improve skill levels and improve our knowledge base, to make sure our clients always get an expert service.

Continuous Professional Development

As part of this commitment to continuous professional development for our staff, Urban Network is launching a new series of knowledge workshops this week. The free workshops will be run weekly and will be available to all staff, and vendors.

The workshops will deal with all aspects of the solutions we provide to clients, ensuring that staff and vendors have the deep understanding of these technologies necessary to give our clients the optimum benefit and success from their use.

Recognising staff achievements

The Urban Workshops are just one aspect of the commitment to professional excellence which characterises our training programmes and the hard work demonstrated by our staff. Two of our highly skilled team of engineers,  recently gained Sophos certification as a Central Endpoint and Server and XG Firewall Certified Engineer, while another two team members acquired certification in Sophos Sales Consultancy.

We are consistently ensuring that our employees have the latest industry-standard qualifications, to provide an excellent service to our clients so that we can support our customers with as much care as we support our staff.


Suggestions welcome – what do you need?

We encourage staff and vendors to contact us with suggestions or requests for any topics that they would find useful in future workshops, or regarding any aspect of our training programme. One of our company values is “Be Ambitious,” and we welcome any input that could help us support our staff or customers even more effectively.