The benefits of a digital transformation in your organisation – The Options

As we have explored in our previous article, technology is the driving force of our lives, and this is the case for most around the world – especially in the world of work. Recent advancements have increased our reliance on technology considerably more than has ever been anticipated.

Due to circumstances being so unstable over the last year or so, business owners have been through a journey of enlightenment, and have realised the potential that the right well managed and implemented tech has in an organisation. The right technology in your organisation has the power to solve some of the challenges that your team are facing on a daily basis – this is referred to as a Digital Transformation (as we explained in the first article in the series – The benefits of a Digital Transformation in your organisation – The options).

We explained in the previous blog that, before starting your Digital Transformation, you must first accurately identify what the challenges are that your business faces on a daily basis, because, by doing that, you can be certain that your new digital solution will be the right one for you. Let’s now explore what can come from a successful Digital Transformation.


A Digital Transformation – The benefits of success


Improved team well-being

Your team members can really struggle to keep their morale at productive levels if they are using poor IT. If your team are forced to use IT that simply can’t do the job – or, arguably worse, can do the job but it just takes a ridiculous amount of time to do it – it becomes a recipe for discontent in your team. The positive impact on mood, productivity, and quality of work that a pain-free, straightforward digital experience can have on your team is enormous.

Commercially beneficial

There are many reasons why it can be commercially beneficial – let’s explore one example now. As we just stated, if your team are using tools that work correctly then they are going to be happier and therefore produce more – better quality – work, which subsequently results in a higher income and a more successful business. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that when your team are using up-to-date digital tools then commercially your business will thrive.


Modern technology is usually entirely flexible and can scale with your organisation accordingly. Covid-19 has made this a necessity. What is the point in paying x amount a month for a large package of x number of users when you’ve had to lay off team members in the organisation by almost half? With a modern IT solution – in the Cloud – you can be on a monthly subscription basis which literally allows you to pay for what you actually need.

Regulatory compliance

Every industry has regulatory reliance they must abide by. If best security practice is used when operating the new system at all times then you can be confident that you are compliant at all times.

Now that you are familiar with the benefits of a Digital Transformation in your organisation, know why it is necessary in the modern world, and realise the challenges your business faces daily in order to be sure you choose the right solution for you, it is time to explore those solutions.


The options on the market


A Cloud-based file server

The majority of businesses worldwide are choosing this as their solution because Cloud computing is – by some way – the future of IT on Earth. A Cloud-based file server is a virtual server (rather than a physical server) running in a Cloud Computing environment and is perfect if you have specific applications or databases that need hosting.

Cloud-based file-sharing system

Cloud-based file sharing (otherwise known as online file sharing) is a system in which a user has their own storage space on a server and everything is carried out over the Internet. For all its benefits it can be a particularly difficult one to use as it is practically impossible to implement an ‘information when needed’ ethos or security protocol surrounding your (and your clients’) sensitive data as user permissions are not ring-fenced.

An on-site file server with a VPN / Remote Desktop Connection

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) / Remote Desktop connection is a viable option for some with its ability to perform anonymous information transactions, but – with the majority of teams being less technically familiar – most find it clunky. It is completely reliant on a constant internet connection and consistent device by device support. A VPN can also be very difficult to connect to mobile devices, and this fact alone deters business owners from using this method in the modern world.

SharePoint implementation

SharePoint by Microsoft is continually growing in popularity as an accumulation of SharePoint within Microsoft 365’s range of tools and is a more than capable set up for many. Thousands of businesses around the world are already familiar with the Microsoft suite of tools, either using them at work or at home – this makes it the logical decision for most. SharePoint allows your team to access documents from anywhere whilst being structured to their needs.

These are just some of the many different digital solutions available on the market today.

A Digital Transformation for your organisation

Our experienced and knowledgeable team of experts will help your business to embrace the technology that has the power to revolutionise your workplace, ensuring you flourish in the digital age. A correctly implemented and adequately maintained Digital Transformation will enable your team to move into a prosperous future of growth and productivity with technology as a powerful ally. Contact us now and find out how we can help you transform your digital landscape into one that aligns with not only your vision for the future but also the future of computing all over the globe.

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