Microsoft Teams makes Together mode available for all meeting sizes

Microsoft Teams makes Together mode available for all meeting sizes

Microsoft is expanding the availability of its Together mode feature in Teams meetings. As spotted by Microsoft MVP Amanda Sterner, the company is rolling out a new update that will make Together mode available for all meeting sizes.

The Microsoft Teams desktop app launched Together Mode for meetings back in July 2020. Currently, the feature accommodates up to 49 people at a time, and it uses AI to place all participants in a shared background digitally. Up until now, the feature was enabled when 5 people, including the organizer, had joined the meeting. Thanks to this update, organizers will now be able to activate the Together mode option in small meetings with two or more participants.

To try out Together mode, users will need to navigate to the meeting controls available at the top of the meeting window. Then click on the 3-dot menu on the top right corner and finally select the “Together Mode” option from the list.

Overall, the new Together mode experience should help to make small meetings more engaging and effective for participants. In case you missed it, Microsoft announced in May that Teams users can now build their own Together Mode scenes using a newly built Scene Studio, and you can find more information on this support page.

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