Work has changed forever

Over recent years, the nature of work has changed. Employees want to be able to work from anywhere, on any device. When their productivity tools enhance the quality and efficiency of your team’s work experience, you’ll benefit from happier, more productive staff that will commit to you for longer. Businesses need to deliver that empowerment, but also consider the protection needed around vital IT assets.


The new generation of digital workplace

Microsoft 365 refers to a range of bundles sold by Microsoft on a subscription basis which feature Office 365, the Windows 10 operating system and Enterprise Mobility + Security, (a platform designed to enable more mobile/flexible working).


The components parts of the bundles vary, and choosing the right bundle for you will depend on your operational requirements and the number of users you need to provide for, with the 2 main commercial offerings being split between Business and Enterprise; with additional separate packages serving Education and Government.


You are likely familiar with Windows 10, Word, Excel, Outlook etc, so lets consider some of the features of 365 that you might be less familiar with.

Security and Compliance

Microsoft 365 offers easy-to-use Security and Compliance features that allow you (The administrator) protect your data on PCs, Phones and Tablets. Some of the security features include:

Mobile Devices

The ability to manage data and applications on iOS and Android devices. This allows you to enforce security protocols such as requiring users to set PINS. You can also encrypt work files or delete files from inactive devices after a set period.

Remote Deletion

The ability to remotely remove data from a device. If a device is lost or stolen, or if an employee stops working for you, you can remove any company data from the device in question.

Exchange Archiving

This feature enables you to retain all of a user’s Email correspondence (including deleted content) in the event that it may be required in the future. The extent of Email data you retain can be altered according to specific data retention policies you may have in place in order to meet Compliance criteria.

Data Loss Prevention

You can configure the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) feature to identify sensitive information and ensure that such data isn’t accidentally shared outwith your company. Such data might include payment details, passwords etc.

Users managed in the cloud

Azure Active Directory is a cloud-based access management service which aims to help you control access to the programs and applications that you and your team use. It enables your team to access a multitude of applications using a single sign-on.


You can use multi-factor authentication to further safeguard your data as well as conditional access policies which allow you to set up additional access criteria such as location or device platform.


Easily monitor, restrict and control access permissions. It’s natural that you’ll want to grant greater access rights to certain people in your organisation. Azure AD allows you to monitor and control these permissions as you see fit.


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    Fully managed devices

    Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based device management tool that gives you control over mobile devices in your organisation with the principal aim of securing corporate data. It is a component of the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security suite (EMS) which is itself a component part of Microsoft 365.


    Its function overlaps with Azure AD and 365’s security and compliance features to some degree however Intune goes further and can give you extensive control over mobile devices used by your organisation.
    For example, if you would like to have a high level of control over an organisation-owned device you can require the user to ‘enroll’ in Intune. You are then able to govern the device using rules and policies that you configure. Administrators of devices enrolled in Intune can:


    Ensure that devices are setup and use monitored in a way that complies with your security standards.


    Easily monitor and review the resources your users are accessing across the organisation.


    Enable easy access to WiFi networks and VPNs by pushing certificates to enrolled devices.

    Remote Wipe

    Lost or had a device stolen? You can remotely wipe a device to prevent any data from being compromised.


    Access your data from anywhere

    OneDrive is a cloud-based file storage service that is part of the Office 365 suite. It allows users to easily store, synchronise and share files from a variety of platforms. Users of Windows can access OneDrive locally on their device with apps made available for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android – alternatively it can be accessed from any web browser.


    As a SharePoint user, you can go one step further and synchronise access to your file libraries via OneDrive – helping you take your entire organisation’s file library (or select libraries) of documents with you anywhere & everywhere.

    It’s time to overcome…

    Cyber Threats

    It is now becoming more important than ever to ensure your business is protected and certified against the cyber risks. As a Gold IASME certified body, Urban Network is fully qualified to help your business achieve security compliance with the UK Government-backed Cyber Essentials Scheme.

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