The Fort of Cyber Security


The Fort of Cyber Security

Let us guide your business to the Fort of Cyber Security!

Cyber threats are everywhere…

It’s important to understand the current trends in security threats; enabling you to identify your vulnerabilities and better protect your sensitive data.


Cyber Security is largely about being aware and alert – with knowledge and insight you can work to ensure your team are empowered to do the right thing as your ‘human firewall’ to today’s most common threats.

In this guide we will take you through the 14 different ways that you can protect your business. There are many very cost effective (even free!) steps you can put in place to begin protecting your business more effectively. Alongside best practice procedures are a range of cyber security tools, which considerably step-up your defensive barriers by design.


Cyber threats come in many different & unique forms

We all think of viruses as the age-old problem that impact the health & security of our computer systems, however in this digital age, we’re open to a whole host of threats each with their own name and set of problems. A few of the most prevalent challenges impacting businesses today are…

Each of these threats need tackling in different ways and there are different patterns for your team to lookout for to avoid becoming a victim.

** Discover the top 14 recommendations for your Cyber Security **

We’re Urban Network, we can help save your Business.

We specialise in managed IT & technology services to help businesses across London & the wider-South East, from our base in Wapping, East London.

Urban Network has a proven track record, with extensive experience and a full portfolio of industry accreditations & certifications.

Among our range of skills, we have a specialism in securing your data. Ensuring we aid our clients with employing the best & most appropriate practices, procedures and tools to increase security in the workplace.

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