Recruitment = accountability. Adapt. Survive. Thrive.

Recruitment = Accountability. – Adapt, Survive, Thrive. #4

Recruitment = Accountability.

Your business is all delivering on promises and goals – supporting clients with their demands, managing candidates and growing your own business. How do you keep your people accountable for a whole range of responsibilities?

It is a well-known fact that the recruitment sector is fast-paced and highly competitive, and with that comes the risk of being left behind if your people can’t be accountable.

Without reliable accountability, you run the risk of poor candidate vetting, weak client account delivery, and, ultimately, your reputation at threat.


How do changes in the ‘new working world’ impact my ability to manage my team’s accountability?


Remote working has its challenges for many sectors, but we understand that in the fast-paced world of recruitment it’s particularly important to be on top of your team’s output.  Ensuring tasks are carried out in a timely manner while meeting targets and ensuring client and candidate satisfaction is hard enough in the office,  but when this has to be done from home it’s vital that you have the right tools and procedures in place.

In a high-energy, highly-social and process-heavy industry such as recruitment working is an alien concept.  You’re no longer able to walk across the office to ask a question of a colleague, have an impromptu ‘huddle’ meeting or get a good impression of a candidate from a face to face interview. Similarly, keeping track of a selection process may seem like an impossible task, and you may find yourself asking such questions as;

  • Have the ads been posted?
  • Have any virtual interviews been conducted?
  • How do we conduct onboarding remotely?
  • Who’s working on what?
  • Has that role been filled?

Having remote access to an ATS or CRM certainly helps keep track of workflows, but if you don’t use one there are a number of other options to choose from that will help to automate and streamline task management.

Equally, ensuring your clients and candidates alike have a good experience throughout the process may seem harder than usual. For candidates, this will mean being on-hand to provide the same level of guidance you normally would, and for your client, this will involve being confident that you’re putting forward the best candidate despite the limitations imposed by social distancing.

Meeting targets at the moment may seem like an impossible feat.  Reducing new hire failure rates, improving client satisfaction and meeting target deadlines may feel like a huge struggle with the limits to travel, face-to-face contact we have had to endure. 

While Recruitment, like most other sectors, will be looking forward to a full return to normality, the crisis provides an opportunity to review current practices and identify new solutions that can increase efficiency and productivity both now and in the future.  Many of the applications, services and technologies that enable remote working may prove valuable permanent additions to your business.


There is a way forward


Urban Network has years of experience in deploying efficient modern workplace solutions, which are tailored to your working practices and have security best practice built-in by design.

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Recruitment = accountability. Adapt. Survive. Thrive.