Don’t be restrained by slow broadband speeds!


Don’t be restrained by slow broadband speeds!

 How is your broadband speed?

In the digital age, internet connectivity is as vital to our livelihoods as electricity. Despite being in the country’s capital, you might still be suffering from a lack of full fibre broadband, which is holding back the productivity of your business and is ultimately costing you time & money.

But there are options accessible – just because the big network operators aren’t connecting your building to superfast services, doesn’t mean that you can’t get admission to faster services via alternate means.



Yes, as you would expect, running a dedicated fibre line (a fibre Leased Line) into your business is more pricey when compared to traditional broadband services. But! With most businesses, this doesn’t mean you have to increase your comms budget. If you are still using ISDN lines for your telephony, then you have some choices.

ISDN, still the staple of voice communications for most businesses, has its end-of-life already in the distance following well over 30 years of use. BT have announced their intentions to ‘switch off’ all these services by 2025, and therefore drive forward the implementation of VoIP (Voice-over-IP) telephony by businesses up and down the country.

By choosing to bin your use of ISDN whenever your contract permits, you can benefit from the instant cost savings, which in-turn can fuel the budget for the fibre Leased Line.



By converting to full fibre, you will have the internet speed & line reliability to make VoIP a possibility. VoIP instead carries your voice calls over your broadband connection, and no longer over the copper ISDN cables.

Implementing VoIP doesn’t have to be a painful & costly experience – there are so many unique services and choices available these days, with such a competitive marketplace ensuring costs are kept to a minimum. Switching from older forms of telephony doesn’t mean you have to leave your contacts behind; you can swiftly & easily port these across onto VoIP, enabling you to carry on making & receiving calls as you always have.


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