Best Google Chrome Extensions to Boost Productivity in Your Office

Google Chrome Extensions

Best Google Chrome Extensions to Boost Productivity in Your Office

Managing your staff’s performance to increase productivity is a multi-faceted task in the modern office. Managers must take into account not just output, but also the quality of work, employee focus and distractions, time management and staff well-being, among other considerations.


Google Chrome extensions (software programs that provide extra functionality in the Chrome browser) provide effective tools to help with workplace productivity, from blocking distractions to project management.


There are currently over 100,000 Chrome extensions available, so we have selected a few to illustrate the potential for boosting productivity in the office environment using effective extension software.



One problem with the Chrome browser is the potential for employees to browse non-work-related sites, social media platforms and so on. This not only acts as a distraction but can also expose systems and other team members to harmful online content.

The BlockSite extension can help your team to stay focused by blocking certain sites such as Facebook and Instagram. The block can be permanent, or access can be allowed during certain times, such as break times, or for a set amount of time per day or shift.



Noisli allows users to select a background noise that they find pleasant and inspiring. This can come in particularly useful in a busy or noisy work environment, where employees can listen through headphones if appropriate.

The sounds are designed to boost focus, aid concentration and help with reading or writing, and include rain, crackling fire and crickets chirping. The sounds can even be combined.



Time management is a vital part of any business, and the Clockify extension offers a full set of time management tools in one handy place.

Clockify includes a time tracking tool, plus time sheets, attendance recording, and expenses and invoicing. It can track budgets and record annual leave and sickness absences and can export data as PDF, CSV and Excel files.



Clickup is another Chrome Extension that offers time tracking, and it also allows the user to make notes with rich text editing and a floating task button. You can bookmark sites and save them as tasks, screenshot an entire browser tab or select a certain area to add it to a task or download it to your device

You can also attach Gmail or Outlook emails to a task, and create tasks from emails



Pocket is a very effective and useful web clipper site. If you’ve found Instapaper and other similar sites useful, you’ll find Pocket appealing because it has additional functionality, including a recommendation engine, an intuitive and user-friendly interface, and community aspects.

Simply save the required content to the Pocket web clipper inbox, and the links, text or images are stored in a single location where they can be accessed later, even when offline.


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