Urban Network – ANDYSMANCLUB – Donation Impact Update July 2022


Urban Network – ANDYSMANCLUB – Donation Impact Update July 2022

Early this year Urban Network announced that they have chosen men’s mental health charity ANDYSMANCLUB, which aims to reduce male suicides, as their new Corporate Social Responsibility Partner (CSR).

When asked what impact the donation from Urban has had Lucas Whitehead from ANDYSMANCLUB stated,

“ANDYSMANCLUB are hugely grateful for the donation and support that Urban Network have offered us in 2022 – since this offering of support, we have further expanded our presence in the South-East of England with the opening of new support groups in Barnet and Basildon, and a further group set to open in July in Woking. On a national scale, Urban Network’s donations have helped to accelerate the opening of a further 25 groups nationwide – ranging from Honiton in the South-West of England, to Wrexham in North Wales and Stenhousemuir in Central Scotland. Also, this donation will play a part in helping to expand our staff base with new additions planned in the very near future.”


Urban Network Chief Executive Perry Ashby, says that the issue of men’s mental health is of great importance to the company, particularly as part of the IT industry which still has a large proportion of men in the workforce. The IT industry is currently made up of majority male personnel, meaning that we have a workforce that is typically overlooked or misdiagnosed when it comes to mental health in this country. Men make up 75% of all suicides in England, which is a shocking statistic. ANDYSMANCLUB provides a safe space where men can talk honestly without fear of judgement. At Urban Network we take the welfare of our staff very seriously, and feel that mental health, both inside and outside the workplace, is of the greatest importance.’

Mr Ashby continues, “To reflect our commitment to the issue of men’s mental health, we can announce today that Urban Network is donating £5000 to our new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partner, ANDYSMANCLUB, in 2022.”

Service user Oliver Vikse spoke out about the importance that ANDYSMANCLUB has had in his own life: “I was going through a very hard time after a messy breakup and had sought help from the GP and counselling, but these things didn’t seem to work for me, When I found out about ANDYSMANCLUB through social media, it seemed like something different.

“I felt the benefit from my very first meeting, and it’s been a huge help in making me feel better about life. These groups allow guys to engage with like-minded people, and to share honestly about their feelings, in a way that might not be possible at work, at home or down the pub. We can drop the bravado and break down boundaries about how men are allowed to act and feel.

“In addition to the talking groups, there are other activities like five-a-side football and walking groups, building communities and friendships that replace the isolation felt by a lot of men today.”