Urban signs strategic partnership with flagship email security vendor, Mimecast

Urban signs strategic partnership with flagship email security vendor, Mimecast

With the changing trend in the way businesses need to work in response to the challenges experienced during 2020, cyberattack attempts have grown by an alarmingly high 75% within the UK¹. Of the increase in attacks, ransomware, (as a form of malicious software designed to steal data by locking-out access), reigns supreme and is becoming ever more sophisticated in its approach, with Europol concerningly reporting that attacks are more commonly resulting in the stolen data being auctioned off to the wider cybercriminal community².

The most common form of delivery for ransomware into a network is via email; phishing email messages which are cleverly designed to deceive the recipient by masking themselves as a trusted source and lure the individual into clicking on embedded links or opening attached files.

Despite businesses step up their technical cybersecurity defences, the threat via email remains.


Why is email a common point of vulnerability?

We are all heavily reliant on email as an integral part of business communication. Despite the growth in instant messaging, collaboration tools and video conferencing; the fact remains, email will continue to be a vitally important part of both formal and informal business communication.

With that reliance comes the need to freely send and receive email with minimal delay or disruption – therefore presenting cyber attackers with an opportunity.

A successfully delivered email resides on a device and within the network; and if malicious in intent, is primed and ready to inflict its damage as programmed, should the recipient fall victim to its designed lure.

This is why email security is a vitally important part of your cyber defences.


Where email security is concerned, there is no room for compromise.

Cybercriminals never rest in their efforts to defraud and disrupt our businesses, which is why at Urban we employ a continual process of evaluation and evolution where all things cybersecurity are concerned.

Following a review of our email security partner and the options available on the market, we have taken the confident decision to sign a strategic partnership with flagship email security vendor, Mimecast.


Why Mimecast?

Of the numerous providers of email security, Mimecast has proved that they are truly in the business of securing email. Following a successful 17 year history, Mimecast boasts over 36,000 global customers protecting in excess of 337 billion email addresses.

Mimecast is far more than a filter of spam emails. Utilising a combination of detective analytics, Mimecast provides a multi-layered threat inspection system that is effective against common, as well as highly targeted, attacks.

Sitting between email service or server and end-user devices, Mimecast safely captures and quarantines any potential threats it detects before they land within a network, removing the risk of damage from an email that it detects potentially has malicious intent.

Beyond security, Mimecast further provides email resiliency by delivering an email system that remains 100% available, even if an email service or server suffers an outage. This resiliency is combined with recoverability features – should you need to recover any email or attachment that has passed through any of the mailboxes, whether deleted by the user or not.


The human element of email security is often forgotten.

Most organisations invest in their technical cyber defences to protect the perimeter of their network, but a filter is only part of the solution for secure email. Increasing the awareness and education of team members is critical in the comprehensive defence against malicious email activity.

Commonly referred to as “The Human Firewall”, having prepared and alert IT users could mean all the difference in mitigating the risk of the most cunning of threats.

Named as a ‘Wave™ strong performer’ by Forrester, Mimecast’s engaging user security awareness training positively shifts attitudes and culture to cybersecurity, while minimising the potential for human error.


Take the sting out of vetting cyber vulnerability with phishing email attack simulations that test your team’s awareness, which is followed by reports and re-training support.


A secure path forward

Urban Network CEO, Perry Ashby, commented:

“I am delighted to announce that Urban has signed a strategic partnership with Mimecast. By partnering with the leader in email security, we are further enhancing the strength and integrity of our cybersecurity offering. Ultimately permitting us to better protect our valued client businesses and their teams”.



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