Benefits of outsourcing IT support – and how to avoid choosing the wrong provider.

Outsourcing IT Solutions

Benefits of outsourcing IT support – and how to avoid choosing the wrong provider.

If you are considering outsourcing your IT support, then using an outsourced managed IT provider has considerable benefits for most businesses.

A good service provider will fulfil all your IT needs, from hardware and software to managed security, e-commerce and cloud computing.

This frees up more time for revenue-generating activities while creating a better experience for you, your customers and staff, avoiding the frustration and costs caused by IT disruption.

Making a decision

Once you have decided to employ outsourced IT solution services, you need to choose the right professionals. Choosing a provider who’s unfamiliar with your industry or isn’t set up to provide the precise support you need will result in frustration and wasted resources.


Our top tips

Here are a few key points to consider when selecting an outsourced managed IT service provider.


Will they recommend unnecessary upgrades?

Although the world of IT is constantly evolving with new technologies coming on to the market all the time, it’s not always necessary to invest in all the latest hardware and software.

For example, just because the newest advances in virtualisation can boost some enterprises, this might not be appropriate or useful for your operation, so don’t go with a company that hypes new technology for the sake of it. The right provider will work with what you already have and find solutions to integrate any updates seamlessly, advancing your business efficiently and cost-effectively.


How quick are their response times?

Find out exactly how quickly the provider can react to problems, and their availability. Will they provide 24/7 support and system-monitoring? Can they spot issues and apply patches or other solutions instantly? Early intervention prevents major incidents in security or operations. Can they support you instantaneously via phone, email and messaging? Do they have the capacity to carry out urgent on-site work at short notice?


What is their security expertise?

The ideal IT company will be ahead of the game when it comes to cyber security. Seek out an IT provider that is fully conversant with the latest compliance and regulations, and will protect you from malware and other threats.

They must be able to safeguard your sensitive information from improper use and access and provide security features protecting against all data intrusions. Enquire about their phishing attacks simulations, web content filtering, DNS security, endpoint protection, mobile device management, and dark web protection.


Are their services scalable?

All providers must be able to support your business as it develops and grows. Make sure you select one that can scale and evolve the support they provide.


Does their service level agreement guarantee the support you need?

Make sure you have a written service level agreement (SLA) with your IT provider, making them accountable for their responsibilities, quality and scope of services, and delivery time. A responsive SLA is ideal to ensure that your provider undertakes to scale and improve their services as your business evolves.


Do they provide effective training?

New technologies and processes only work effectively if staff are on board and use them correctly and efficiently. Good providers offer the right training to introduce new processes to your staff and boost their confidence.


Are they proven effective?

Look at a Google company’s reviews, testimonials and case studies. Do they have a proven track record and satisfied clients? By carrying out due diligence, it will be clear if they are a quality provider.


Choose wisely

The right outsourced IT provider will help you reduce your exposure to cyber-attacks and security risks, reduce disruption and downtime, and improve efficiency, and client and staff satisfaction.

The wrong choice of provider can be disastrous, so the tips above will help you make the right decision.


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