Achieve slick document management with the help of SharePoint and 365

The advancements in technology over the years has dramatically changed – and, most importantly, improved – the way we go about our daily activities in the workplace. Moving with the times is essential when it comes to technology; the landscape is ever-evolving and offering new, more efficient ways of completing the tasks that your organisation carries out daily.

One of the key parts of your IT landscape that needs to move with the times is the way you manage your documents. You should be using a system such as SharePoint in 365 to ensure your documents are used and shared as safely and productively as possible. Let’s explore this in more detail.

With document management it is as simple as getting it right or getting it wrong – get it right and your files are safe and secure in an easy to navigate, accessible place, but get it wrong and your business can suffer serious ramifications with the potential to demoralise your workforce. Unfortunately for the majority of businesses, the latter seems to be the case. We will now explore where things may be going wrong.


Old file servers – the problems

Old file servers pose many problems in the way your teamwork. They require your team to email important documents to one another – a practice that is laborious and extremely time-consuming.

Many more problems are created for modern organisations purely by having old file servers. In modern business collaboration is key – no longer do you sit in your booth and do your specific job with little regard for others. Every part of your business must work in unison toward a common goal. Old file servers make it impossible to know who is doing what and when, causing confusion and disruption to your systems.

It is also impossible to work on documents simultaneously with your colleagues when you have outdated file servers. With the modern age of work becoming more centred around a remote working team, it is essential that important documents can be worked on simultaneously by users across departments no matter their geographical location.

SharePoint irradicates these challenges. Let’s take a closer look at it.



Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform, predominantly sold as a document management and storage system. A particularly good feature of SharePoint is how configurable it is because of its ability to allow the way it is used to vary so widely. SharePoint has a staggering 190 million users spread across around 200,000 organisations worldwide so it must be doing something right.


Slick document management with SharePoint and 365

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