Single Sign On – How Can it Benefit You?

In our previous article we explored what Single Sign On (SSO) is, how it can benefit your business, and how it can improve the security of your organisation. In this article we will explore how SSO integrates with Microsoft 365 and how together they can revolutionise your workplace.

Single Sign On integrated with Microsoft 365

When your users are synchronised with their Microsoft 365 account then they are able to sign into their account using those same Microsoft 365 credentials. This isn’t a problem until they forget their password and do what we all do – start guessing with our pets’ names, favourite football club, and anything that means something to us that we may have used previously to log into the account. What can be just as irritating though is having to enter the credentials every time the user tries to log in.

This is SSO’s time to shine.  SSO will help users to log into their account using their Active Directory credentials, meaning that they do not have to repeatedly enter their credentials once they have signed into their machine.

Microsoft 365 offer a native function within Microsoft Azure – let’s explore this in more detail.


SSO with Microsoft Azure

With Azure Active Directory users can conveniently access all their apps with SSO for any location, on any device, from a centralised portal, for a better experience, with increased productivity.

With Microsoft Azure and SSO you can connect your workforce to many of the world’s most favourite apps, such as:

  • Dropbox
  • Docusign
  • Zoom
  • Salesforce
  • Adobe

And many more. Let’s explore some of the possibilities of SSO within Microsoft Azure.


Scale IT efficiencies

Microsoft Azure integration with SSO allows you to reduce support time and costs by allowing you to offer ‘self-service password reset tools’ to your employees, in turn allowing IT resources to be focused on high value activities.


Access an untold amount of pre-integrated apps

Microsoft Azure and SSO allow you to connect your SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) apps using their gallery.


Custom app integration

Once having enabled SSO and central management for your custom-built apps you will be able to use open standards or Microsoft’s authentication libraries from the Microsoft identity platform.

With Microsoft Azure Active Directory Seamless SSO it is possible to automatically sign users in when they are on a corporate device that is connected to your corporate network. When enabled, your users won’t need to type in their passwords to sign in to Azure ID, and, in some cases, won’t even need their usernames. The modern age of technology is truly a wonder to behold, and SSO – in regard to productively running a business – is clearly one of those wonders. Implementing SSO in your organisation can and will revolutionise the way you and your team work.


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