Everything in Texas is huge, including the Cyber Attacks.


Everything in Texas is huge, including the Cyber Attacks.

Texas is a big state. Stupidly big. With up to 30 million residents it’s the second largest state in America, it has a land mass twice the size of Germany, and a GDP larger than Russia. Texans like to say, “Everything is bigger in Texas”, and usually that’s a good thing to brag about. However, this time bigger certainly isn’t better.

News hit a few weeks back that 22 government organisations in the Lone State were recently under attack by coordinated & intelligent ransomware attacks. It’s a bright reminder that as attacks continue to evolve, it’s crucial that your defences evolve even faster.


How do I make sure I’m not involved with an intelligent ransomware attack?

So how can you help ensure your organisation isn’t the next ransomware victim?

To hit the ground running, does your solution provide or have industry-leading technology to ensure attackers can’t use un-patched, vulnerable software programs to distribute and install ransomware into your systems?

Urban Network can perform tests on your systems to ensure that systems are secure, and your business is conforming to best practice, including penetration testing and intrusion testing, however the very basic elements of patching endpoints with vendor security patching, and ensuring antivirus is up to date is the often overlooked start point.

Should that not stop an attack – or should an exploit not be leveraged – how will your solution stop attacks it’s never seen before?

Our Sentinel monitoring software can cover these elements of the network, and coupled with one of our recommended Enterprise Firewalls, the basics are covered.

To add layers of additional security, Urban Network can liaise with you to ensure that there are comprehensive policies in place for password control, access control and network housekeeping and importantly remote access and BYOD policies. We can look at the current implementations of any other facet of your network, and give advice on industry best practices to ensure your business is sufficiently covering your risk

Keeping a continued eye on the security that is deployed in your systems.


We’re Urban Network, we can help save your Business.

We specialise in managed IT & technology services to help businesses across London & the wider-South East, from our base in Wapping, East London.

Urban Network has a proven track record, with extensive experience and a full portfolio of industry accreditations & certifications.

Among our range of skills, we have a specialism in cyber security. Ensuring we aid our clients with employing the best & most appropriate security practices, procedures and tools to protect their sensitive data.

If you have any concerns or challenges with your cyber security, or with your technology generally, we would like to hear from you. Please contact the team today.