You might want to ditch Chrome after seeing this update from Microsoft

You might want to ditch Chrome after seeing this update from Microsoft

CHROME may remain the most popular browser on the planet but a big update from Microsoft might make you consider its Edge alternative.

Google’s Chrome still reigns supreme when it comes to the world of web browsers. This hugely successful way of accessing the internet remains the most popular by a country mile with a market share of well over 60 percent. However, despite a monumental gap to close, Microsoft is pushing ahead with its plans to get users to make the switch to its latest Edge browser and another new upgrade to this software could convince some to finally take the plunge and ditch Chrome.

The first upgrade, called Startup boost, launches Edge far more quickly by running a set of core Microsoft Edge processes in the background, all without adding additional resources when Microsoft Edge browser windows are open. This should mean users are able to boot up their PCs and get online without any lag.

And that’s not all as there’s also the introduction of something called “sleeping tabs.”

This feature gives Microsoft Edge a performance boost when using multiple browser tabs simultaneously.

Explaining more about the Sleeping tabs update, the Redmond firm said ” Sleeping tabs helps optimize the performance of your Microsoft Edge browser by freeing up system resources from unused tabs. This month, sleeping tabs is further improved and with up to 82% memory savings based upon internal data collected on our preview builds. It does so by immediately putting ads to sleep when you put tabs in the background for instant resource savings.”

Both of these upgrades should not only make Edge much faster but also less of a battery hog when using it on your laptop. Poor battery life is still something that plagues Chrome users when using this software on portable PCs with Google’s browser renowned for draining juice at record speeds.

We’ll have to wait and see what difference this update from Microsoft really makes but, if you want a more efficient way of accessing the web, Edge could be the way to go.

If you’re not planning on making the switch and still use Chrome on your Windows 10 PC then you might want to follow Google’s latest advice.

Late last week, a large number of Chrome users were hit by a hugely irritating glitch that saw the popular web software constantly crash on Microsoft-powered PCs.

If your PC has been hit by the glitch then the US tech firm has now issued full advice on how to get things running normally again.

In a post on its Chrome page, Google said: “On May 21, we began to receive reports that Chrome would crash unexpectedly for some Windows and Linux users. After conducting an investigation, we’ve identified the root cause and have released an update which resolves the behaviour.”

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