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Why use Urban Network Managed Services?

Our core business is providing every element of IT Support your business need including Unlimited Remote IT Support, 24x7 proactive monitoring and alerting with a clear and defined IT strategy for a fixed monthly fee. We place great emphasis on providing a fast and accurate response to all our clients by keeping quality at the heart of our services.

Proactive and multi-layered technical assistance 24/7

Stabilise IT expenditure with predictable monthly fees

Business Intelligence on all aspects of the IT environment

Provide support 7 days a week if required

Increase business efficiency by aligning IT to your business objectives

Improve IT performance by investing in service as well as technology

Providing access to IT expertise and the advantages of the latest technologies on-demand

Automation of major software vendor security updates to ensure compliance where needed


Combination of ‘best of breed’ vendors delivering Enterprise security, fully managed down to the endpoint

Supporting people, not just technology

Ultimately your IT systems exist to deliver a capability to your staff. It’s the staff, and what they can do using the systems that actually create value for your business. Our goal is to be the single point of contact for your people, engage with them and communicate regularly to help them understand and exploit the IT capabilities you give them.

Included within the service you will be allocated a Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) who will undertake scheduled 360° reviews of your account, infrastructure and the business processes used. The premise of the review structure is to gain an absolute understanding of your business, its technology and its vision for the future. This review offers meaningful insights into not only how we are performing from a service level point of view, but also to assist the stakeholders in identifying where improvements can be made within the business. We present a clear and defined 3 year roadmap of the IT infrastructure that will meet the needs of the business and its staff. Through continuous engagement and communication the strategy is aligned ensuring your IT systems are capable of performing when the business develops or expands.

Fully Managed IT Services

Our flexible Managed Service Agreements give you complete peace of mind and allow you to concentrate on developing your business rather than having to worry about maintaining IT systems.

Urban Network’s reliable proactive platform enables us to constantly monitor and intercept issues before they arise and impact your business. Our Managed Service Agreement offers further value in keeping costs to a regular, predictable amount. We offer transparent pricing and work with our clients to provide a clear and defined technology roadmap that will support business objectives.

We offer a multi-layered approach to service delivery incorporating a 24/7 Helpdesk facility for a single point of contact for any technical request, a Systems Administration team actively monitoring and remediating any alert that may arise and a Professional Services team for all onsite needs. All requests or alerts are managed end-to-end under defined service levels with known fixed costs.

As part of the Urban Network service philosophy, you receive regular management reports based on the results of our continuous system monitoring. We review the findings with you in regular account meetings and assess any implications for changes or enhancements to your IT infrastructure to maintain your required levels of availability and performance. If system upgrades are indicated, we will plan these with you, depending on whether they can be done remotely or require an on-site visit.

Additional Services


Weekend coverage for all IT Support requests

24/7 coverage

Extend IT Support services 7 days a week, 24 hours a day


Advanced protection with fully managed Firewall

Business Continuity

Minimise downtime, recover from any disaster, fast

Managed WiFi

Guest access, hospitality, BYOD or corporate WiFi

Mobile Device Management

BYOD, protect corporate data residing on mobile devices


Hosted telephone systems, accessible anywhere, on any device

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Urban Network have helped hundreds of businesses across the UK empowering them to make the most of their IT.

We have a complete and thorough portfolio of solutions to enable your business to make better use of the advantages technology brings to the table. Whether your requirement is for a specific product, or you are just looking to find out a bit more about what we can do, leave a message here and we will be in touch.

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5 stars customer reviews testimonial

Testimonial-Quote-1Having recently moved our team to London and being relatively tech ignorant I couldn't be happier with the support received from Urban Network. Their tech guys have been great in getting us set up in our new offices, the helpdesk support is 100% responsive. Would recommend them without any reservation!Testimonial-Quote-2

Kaye Bettney

5 stars customer reviews testimonial

Testimonial-Quote-1We have been working with Urban Network for 2 years, having opened an additional office. They did a fresh install in the new office and have been upgrading the existing office. Excellent service at all times, highly recommendedTestimonial-Quote-2

Jonathan Weeks

5 stars customer reviews testimonial

Testimonial-Quote-1Great customer service, knowledgeable and nothing a problem. Very professional in their approach to dealing with any issues. All the team are very helpful. No complaints in the 15 years I have used them.Testimonial-Quote-2

Chris Bishop

5 stars customer reviews testimonial

Testimonial-Quote-1We have always found Urban Network to be very helpful and everybody who works on our account is friendly, professional and efficient.Testimonial-Quote-2

Martin Scaman

5 stars customer reviews testimonial

Testimonial-Quote-1We have known Urban Network for ten years and are still with them. That says it all. They provide a great customer service with friendly people.Testimonial-Quote-2

Giles Brady

5 stars customer reviews testimonial

Testimonial-Quote-1An outstanding service provider who simply do what they say they will do and get it done on budget and on time. No fuss, no complexity and no excuses.Testimonial-Quote-2

Bryan Lloyd

5 stars customer reviews testimonial

Testimonial-Quote-1Quick response times and great overall customer service.Testimonial-Quote-2

Jason Obrien

5 stars customer reviews testimonial

Testimonial-Quote-1Started working with Urban Network about 5 years ago and have found the level of service and technical knowledge second to none. The company has a personal feel to it rather than being just another client which is welcoming. Would highly recommend to any body considering switching their current provider or looking for a new service.Testimonial-Quote-2

Sunny Mudhar

5 stars customer reviews testimonial

Testimonial-Quote-1I have worked with Urban Network now for 10 years through my role as Operations Director for Jackson-Stops & Staff. In the crowded and confusing marketplace of IT service providers, they stand out without question for their delivery, efficiency and most importantly their clarity of rationale when delivering solutions across multi sites. I would recommend them without hesitation.Testimonial-Quote-2

David Parris

5 stars customer reviews testimonial

Testimonial-Quote-1Friendly and knowledgeable staff, always keen to help out and go that extra for clients. Professional in their approach in helping find and implement the best solutions.Testimonial-Quote-2

Arun Patel

5 stars customer reviews testimonial

Testimonial-Quote-1We have used Urban Network for a number of years. They have always been helpful and efficient dealing problems straight away - highly recommendedTestimonial-Quote-2

Alison Petrou

5 stars customer reviews testimonial

Testimonial-Quote-1Urban Network is a professional IT company with wonderful technical personnel, they have been providing service to us for the past 8 years and their response time is very prompt.Testimonial-Quote-2

Ejus Arubi

5 stars customer reviews testimonial

Testimonial-Quote-1Urban Network has been a great help to Mirae Asset UK office for a long time. Thanks for your proactive support all the time.Testimonial-Quote-2

Jake Kim

5 stars customer reviews testimonial

Testimonial-Quote-1Professional, no fuss. Were there when they said they would be, no surprise.Testimonial-Quote-2

Jane Wilkinson

5 stars customer reviews testimonial

Testimonial-Quote-1Very happy with our move to Urban Network. Everyone working with us is very knowledgeable, proactive and helpful, as well as being friendly and polite. After thorough explanation, the well thought out approach to our systems has seen considerable improvement already with minimal disruption to implement. Their response time is excellent. I would certainly recommend them.Testimonial-Quote-2

Justin Murray

5 stars customer reviews testimonial

Testimonial-Quote-1Urban Network have been absolutely essential to my working day. Any problems I have encountered, they have been swift to address. Can't tell you how many times they have saved the day. Professional and friendly people who don't treat me like a complete idiot. I highly recommend this company.Testimonial-Quote-2

Sue Westbrook

5 stars customer reviews testimonial

Testimonial-Quote-1Urban Network are the most helpful IT company in London! Nothing is ever too much trouble and they always go above and beyond! I would highly recommend them to anyone outsourcing their IT support.Testimonial-Quote-2

Law Clark

5 stars customer reviews testimonial

Testimonial-Quote-1Incredibly professional IT support company. Both knowledgeable and super efficient in their service to us. I highly recommend them.Testimonial-Quote-2

Richard Woolgar

5 stars customer reviews testimonial

Testimonial-Quote-1Each and every time I call, the service is always prompt, friendly, and efficient. Absolutely delighted!!Testimonial-Quote-2

Alan Knights

5 stars customer reviews testimonial

Testimonial-Quote-1We have always found Urban Network to be very helpful and everybody who works on our account is friendly, professional and efficient.Testimonial-Quote-2

Martin Scaman

5 stars customer reviews testimonial

Testimonial-Quote-1Good response and resolution. Handled in a most professional manner.Testimonial-Quote-2

Katie Etheridge

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