Adapt to business changes. Making smart IT investments

Finding the right solution to your challenges

“Serving customers begins with understanding your customers, the business challenges they face on a day to day basis, and knowing what you can do to help – even before they are your customers.”

We offer business solutions designed to address your business goals and challenges across four key areas

Business Anywhere

Empower your employees to do their best work anywhere, anywhere, using any device.

Safeguard your Business

Keep your data protected and be prepared to recover quickly from unexpected downtime

Grow efficiently

Grow your business while reducing costs and getting the most out of your IT investments

Connect with customers

Get the competitive advantage of understanding your customers with business insights tool

Enable Business Anywhere

Do your best work, wherever you are. And make sure it's all protected.

The tools you need to do your best work anywhere

Providing workers with the tools to do their best work, wherever they need to be. Get work done with a familiar experience across favorite devices - Windows, iOS, or Android - with Office 365, Windows 10, Microsoft Azure and RemoteApp

A familiar experience across PCs and mobile devices

Offer flexibility and choice combined with consistency and familiarity across PCs & devices using Windows 10 on a range of devices

Connect with your team and work together anywhere

Making it easy for employees to work together in real-time, wherever they are. Meet online from anywhere with Skype for Business and work together in real-time to revise documents with Office. Easily share insights and stay “in the know,” with consistent, interactive dashboards and reports using Power BI on mobile devices.

Protect data wherever it goes

Boosting mobile productivity while getting the protection and control the business needs. Easily get control of personal and company-issued mobile devices with tools built-in to Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS)

Safeguard your business

Businesses today face a constantly evolving set of potential threats-from data breaches to downtime from an unexpected event. With growing volumes of data, the explosion of mobile devices at work, and evolving regulations, companies are looking to reduce risks associated with data security, backup, recovery, and compliance

It’s better to be prepared than to wish you were.

Data protection

Advanced data protection built-in at every level of IT. Get up-to-date anti-malware protection and 24/7 incident response in the cloud with Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. Detect and alert security breaches early and protect data sent in email by preventing actions like editing and copy-and-paste using Enterprise Mobility Suite.

Data backup

Keep your files synchronized across devices and access them anywhere, anytime, both online and offline using OneDrive for Business. And with Azure Backup get scalable, cost-effective backup in the cloud, with the ability to restore quickly

Disaster Recovery

When the unexpected happens, there are solutions such Azure Site Recovery, or Enterprise Mobility Suite to remotely wipe business data from mobile devices.


For the many organizations facing significant regulatory oversight, we offer solutions that help workers stay productive while maintaining compliance. With Microsoft Azure and Office 365, you have cloud services that are independently verified for compliance with a range of standards, such as ISO 27001, HIPAA and EU Model Clauses.

Grow Efficiently

Businesses today need technology that helps them work more efficiently. With solutions built on Microsoft products and technologies, we can help your business to

Adapt quickly to changing business needs

> With Microsoft Azure, you can scale your business applications up or down with availability on demand. Running applications in the cloud means that you can tap into massive resources and benefit from economies of scale by paying only for the amount of resources you use

> With Office 365, you can get your full Office experience in the cloud, making it easy to add employees and quickly equip them with exactly the apps and services they need, as they need them. Then you can make it easy for each employee to access all their apps and mobile devices with a single sign-on using Azure Active Directory.

> Running your business on Microsoft Cloud, means you can replace up-front capital costs with more affordable operating expenses. You can get your always up-to-date Office applications through a simple monthly subscription, host business applications like Microsoft Dynamics ERP on Microsoft Azure to avoid sunk costs for servers, and pay for just the cloud resources you use

Easily manage the data explosion

> Get a cost-effective, instantly scalable solution for storing all of the growing data from your business applications with cloud-based Microsoft Azure Storage

> Easily access and work with your latest files with OneDrive for Business, which synchronizes files across PCs and devices, whether online or offline

> Make sure the database that drives your core business applications, like inventory or ordering systems, can keep up with data growth using in-memory performance in SQL Server 2014

Get more from your technology investments

> With Windows 10, you can get an in-place upgrade on your existing PCs or easily migrate to a range of affordable new devices. Windows as a service is a new offering that lets you get security updates more quickly and reduce management costs.

> With Microsoft, you can move to the cloud while getting the most out of your on-site servers. This is made possible by a hybrid platform in which Microsoft Azure and Windows Server work together to get the best of on-premises and cloud. And with Azure Operational Insights, you have an easy cloud-based solution for optimising the entire environment

Reduce the cost and complexity of IT

With a familiar, consistent platform from cloud to devices, our products and technologies can help reduce the cost and complexity of IT

> Make it easier to manage who can access what. Windows 10 PCs and devices use the same identity service as Office 365, making a single identity – and single sign-on – possible across Office 365, Windows devices, and more than 2,400 Azure Active Directory apps

> Reduce time spent keeping everyone up to date. Across cloud and devices, you can ensure you’ve always got the latest tools and software with Office 365 and Windows Update for Business.

> More easily manage and distribute applications to your employees. With the Private Catalog and Windows Business Store, you can centrally acquire, distribute, and manage apps for your employees using your own category in the Windows Store.

Connect with customers

Today, information can make the difference when it comes to winning customers and keeping them. We provide the tools to use your data to an advantage.

Get a complete, consistent view of your customer

Make sure your customers’ sales and service teams have a complete, consistent view of their customer. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online your customers can get information on their customers such order history or preferences. Then combine data from different sources, such as Microsoft Excel and SQL Server, with just a few clicks using Power BI

Find and capitalize on the best opportunities

Find and capitalise on the best opportunities, with the insight needed to ensure sales teams focus on those areas with greatest potential. Get out-of-the-box interactive visualisations and dashboards that make it easy to identify and act on opportunities using Power BI and Dynamics CRM Online. Analyse, summarise, and present data with Excel to inform business decisions

Boost your sales and service teams’ productivity

Boost sales and service teams’ productivity with easy-to-use tools that help streamline processes using Dynamics CRM Online and Office 365. And stay connected with teams and share info from anywhere in real time with integrated tools using Skype for Business, Yammer, and Dynamics CRM Online

Engage customers, win sales, and build loyalty

Win sales and build loyalty by building polished sales presentations and marketing materials using Word and PowerPoint. Host websites in the cloud with Microsoft Azure to scale to meet customer demand

Case Studies

Whether you’re a one-person start-up, or an expanding business, Microsoft can help your company succeed and grow with innovative technology. Browse through some of our success stories to find out how companies like you use Microsoft in their business.

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Testimonial-Quote-1I have worked with Urban now for 10 years through my role as Operations Director for Jackson-Stops & Staff. In the crowded and confusing marketplace of IT service providers, they stand out without question for their delivery, efficiency and most importantly their clarity of rationale when delivering solutions across multi sites. I would recommend them without hesitation.Testimonial-Quote-2

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