Is your business ready
for the Cloud?

What’s Right For Your Business? Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud?

The term “Cloud” is now so widely used to describe a wide spectrum of services that it is often difficult to decipher what the term actually means. Essentially, Cloud can be described as simple access to applications and data that are hosted externally to your on-premise IT infrastructure.

At Urban Network, we have extensive experience over many years of assisting our clients in understanding what Cloud can offer them as a business. Advising on strategy and ultimately performing the migration either wholly or partially using a hybrid configuration, delivering the perfect solution that empowers our client’s businesses.

Public Cloud

The Public Cloud model is the most recognisable model of cloud computing to many of our clients, services are provided in a virtualised environment to many users, constructed using shared physical resources, and accessible over a public network such as the Internet. Services are typically available on subscription style models such as our Hosted Desktop or Office 365 products. These offer monthly or yearly fees as opposed to purchasing and owning the hardware and software outright.

Private Cloud

The Private Cloud is defined as a scalable environment that provides the benefits of the Public Cloud, such as agility and efficiency, but the infrastructure is exclusive to your organisation. Private Cloud environments can be located on-premise or off-premise through a data centre partner depending on your management preferences. Private connectivity solutions can also be implemented for complete security.

Hybrid Cloud

The Hybrid Cloud is a method of utilising both Private and Public Cloud. In many ways, this can better address different business requirements, yet provide a good balance of usability, cost and security. Many of our clients look to use Hybrid Cloud solutions as an introduction to Cloud services. It allows the business to manage all their efficiencies by employing Public Cloud services for all non-sensitive operations, only relying on Private Cloud or on-premise infrastructure for sensitive and confidential operations.

Start your journey to the Cloud

As a business grows its IT requirements change. Technology is also constantly evolving with new solutions and approaches, providing opportunities to streamline or improve business processes. Adopting Cloud services to address the needs of the business is a sensible decision, helping reduce capital expenditure and the overheads that may be required in maintaining a similar on-premise solution.
Urban Network can offer its experience of being a Microsoft Cloud Productivity Partner to consult, advise and deliver a roadmap for your business.

Urban Network’s technical expertise and extensive industry partnerships will ensure that throughout your cloud migration you have access to the best in class technology and solutions available. We will assess your business at every step of the migration, ensuring we minimise the disruption and downtime needed. We will advise and implement policies and procedures for business continuity and disaster recovery.

Let Urban Network empower your business and guide you towards the cloud, contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.

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