Virtual IT Director (vCIO)

Flexible Strategic IT Consultancy

Why do you need a Virtual IT Director (vCIO)?

With our Virtual IT Director, or Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO), our customers can use the highly skilled technicians from Urban Network on a flexible basis to suit their needs.

Adopting the correct strategy, choosing the right solutions and building projects with scalability and future proofing in the concept stage require an in-depth understanding of technology, as well as the ability to consult with an organisation’s principals to tailor the solutions to meet business requirements.

These are all decisions that an organisation with an IT Director, or Chief Information Officer (CIO) would be instrumental in making, both as guidance to a board, or as the solution architect. Many businesses do not have a person in this position, and often these are decisions being taken by disparate departments or principals of a business. Recruiting for and retaining a member of staff to fulfil this role is a costly task, particularly if there are not continual ongoing requirements for that hire.

The business will benefit from vastly reduced cost of ownership for a staff member, and still enjoy the advantages of technical expertise, with industry knowledge pertinent to your business, and importantly, working knowledge of your business. Once you have the technology right and working for you, then your business will be in prime position to start delivering profits on the sound footing of purposeful IT.

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Key Benefits

Management of 3rd party software suppliers/vendors
Auditing and ratifying current assets
Solutions architecting
Technology procurement assistance
Board level presence for reporting, and recommending technology
Integration assurance, find out before committing to unknown solutions
Costs control, by making good decisions about technology and costs
IT Roadmap
A complete and up-to-date IT Roadmap is of critical importance & positively influences the decisions and direction for a company’s technology estate. By understanding the IT currently in place, and predicting the upcoming events around that infrastructure, while factoring in potential growth or additional requirements, the organisation and its principals can plan properly for the future.

We take a birds-eye view of the current setup, including warranty considerations and supported dates from vendors, to draw up a comprehensive document. This document forms the basis of our roadmap, and forecasts known, and discussed considerations for 3 years ahead on a continually updated schedule. When we meet with you on-site, we discuss the items that have been noted as upcoming on existing infrastructure, and then discuss any known upcoming requirements and add them to your bespoke roadmap document. Urban Network feel this approach provides the best advantage for both parties, our customers have a deep understanding of their IT, and we can predict and plan the technology for the benefit of your organisation.

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